Margarita Recipe

The Minimum Requirements for a Very Good Margarita

The Minimum Requirements for a Very Good Margarita

Before I break it down for you, I have to tell you that the quality of the margarita ingredients you use is very important and also somewhat subjective, particularly the tequila you choose to use. There are a lot of great tequilas out there, but they can get very expensive. I would suggest trying out some mid-grade tequilas to see what works for you, after all you’re not sipping the stuff straight. You don’t necessarily have to use 100% agave, a mid-grade silver tequila will give you good results, but whatever you do, don’t use bargain basement tequila because it will hurt you and make your margaritas taste foul. I personally am not a big Triple Sec fan, either.

If you can afford it, or for special occasions try using a finer tequila. A 100% agave silver, reposado or añejo can really make a huge difference, but they’re not cheap. The ingredients shown here are the minimum requirements for a very good margarita, in our opinion.

The beauty of this recipe is that once you know it, it’s so easy to remember. We provide the proportions rather than precise measurements like 1 and 1/2 ounces or the like. This makes it much easier to remember, and much easier to scale for a party batch or just two drinks, whatever the occasion requires.

Best Margarita Recipe – As Easy As One, Two, Three, Four

  • One Part Rose’s Lime Juice
  • Two Parts Cointreau
  • Three Parts Tequila
  • Four Parts Sweet and Sour Mix
  • For shaking, I like to use a wide-mouth juice container that I keep specifically for making these (that’s it in the background above), rather than a traditional steel shaker. The reason for this is that a margarita should be really, really well chilled, and I don’t think the amount of ice you can get into a shaker really does it for making two of these at a time. It’s difficult to find a wide-mouth juice container lately, but normal ice cubes won’t fit into a regular juice container.

    Fill the container with ice (don’t skimp on the ice) and shake it vigorously for AT LEAST 30 seconds. Don’t worry about the ice melting, this is a very strong drink. After shaking you’ll have a beautiful foam as you pour the drinks into your salted margarita glasses.

    This will get you two good-sized margaritas if you use a standard shot glass.